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    February 11, 2022
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    Google Play
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    Android 4.1+
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Toy Blast is an ultimate matching puzzle game designed to entertain people of all age groups. You will find this game easy to play but the most exciting. The game will not require any expertise and advanced strategies to have fun and progress faster. You can understand the game rules and pay attention before taking the next step. You can win and dominate the competition by playing with your mind. You can match tubes of the same colors and find boosters to blast through thousands of levels. Yes, this puzzle game is easy to play, and you can move faster and cross many levels by choosing the right combinations and colors. But there will be a lot of excitement since every blast will take you closer to your destination.
You will have fun at the tip of your fingers, and you can solve fascinating and challenging puzzles and make fast moves. You will have countless possibilities throughout the game, and you can master the Toy Blast by solving the puzzles. You will find it fun and can discover all the mysteries and make fast improvements once you know the rules. The game will not create complexities for you, but you might not achieve more if you do not follow the rules. Hence, understand where you are and what you need to do to win Toy Blast.
Explore the colorful lands and navigate through adventures and thousands of levels. All the challenges and puzzles will create a new opportunity for you, and you can have a blast if you play with patience. You will find hints throughout the game. Hence, you can be observant to know what is happening and how to make It easy.
Toy Blast features unique and easy gameplay to offer more fun. You can tap the matching cubes to progress in the game. There will be around 5500 puzzles, and all are entertaining but challenging. You can master the game if you want to make the navigation smooth. Apart from that, the game arranges fun events every day. You can have fun in a treasure hunt, star tournament, daily challenges, and crown rush. The game features a legends arena to enable you to compete with the best gamers and test your puzzle-solving skills.
You can win daily prizes from its spin wheel and upgrade your character. There are dozens of inspiring toys and characters in the game that you can use during your adventure. Toy Blast will help you with powerful combos and numerous boosters that you can use to solve puzzles. There are leaderboards in the game to enable players to compete with global players.
Before planning your strategies, you can observe the game and understand the gameplay. You are there to find a combination, and you can achieve this with observation. Once five or more same color blocks will connect, the icon will change and convert into a special ability. Also, you can use combo specials to clear a chunk of blocks. First, you can convert blocks into special powers and then use them for clearing.


How To Play

TToy Blast offers many opportunities to improve your puzzle-solving skills. You will have 5,500 exciting and challenging puzzles. Since it is a puzzle game, you will have puzzles all over. You need to solve them and cross the levels. The game developers focus on new additions to make the game more thrilling for players. You will have something new to explore every time you play Toy Blast. You will never run out of fun challenges since it has infinite levels. Also, you can participate in its exciting events and win daily prizes.
You will find Toy Blast super entertaining if you play match-3 games. You can cross different levels while solving puzzles and challenges. Many think they can pass fast and effortlessly since they need to solve the puzzles. However, some puzzles will require your time, and you might need more effort to solve them. Besides, you need to clear eight or more blocks of the same color to win a level. You can match cubes together and use them as a booster. Your matching ability will decide the outcome of the game.
When playing Toy Blast, you can look for the same-colored blocks close to one another. When there are a few blocks with opposite colors between your blocks, match the lesser numbers. Finally, you can combine your chosen blocks. It will create a great combo and clear blocks. When you have many same-colored blocks, you can create a big explosion by clicking on them. Here are a few steps for your help.
Step One: Match More Blocks
You can score high within given moves to get the best result while playing Toy Blast. You can go for four blocks instead of connecting two blocks. You can also try big matches, including more than eight blocks, and get impressive bonuses at each level. Make a big combo of similar colors and clear the rest between them. Always check for possibilities and keep an eye on each level to achieve great combinations.
Step Two: Get Three Stars
Once you enter a new stage, you can check the progress bar on the screen. The bar will have the number of stars you need to get. You can collect the maximum number of stars instead of focusing on combos. You can try to get three stars for initial levels and two stars for difficult ones.
Step Three: Earn More Coins
You will not find it easy to earn the premium currency of the Toy Blast. But you can try your best to get the maximum number to use for your benefit in the game.
Step Four: Follow Your Goal in Each Level
Every level in the Toy Blast will have specific goals and requirements. Know the objective and difficulty level, and then you can prepare accordingly. Some might ask you to get a combination or unlock toys. You have to achieve this to get the maximum score. Also, you will need special blocks to pass levels. You can check the goal at the top left of the screen and then plan your strategy.
Play Toy Blast and master puzzle-solving skills, and share your experience and tips with beginners.

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