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Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2


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  • Updated Time:
    February 17, 2022
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    Google Play
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    Android 5.0+
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    Rovio Entertainment Corporation
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Are you looking for a game that offers action, fun and entertainment? Then you can choose to play the Angry Birds 2 game. This is an improvised version of the most popular game called Angry Birds. Just like the original version, part two of this game has also gained a lot of popularity. It is currently ranked within the top 10 best games in action. This is a free to play game that you can add on your Android or iOS device. Want to know more about this game and how to play it? Please read on.
The game is based on some of the birds that are very angry and want to destroy all the pigs that are currently bothering them a lot. The storyline is interesting and the gameplay is even more fun and entertaining. You will love how the game starts and how you have to overcome all the challenges in order to get the best result. This game is all about flinging the angry birds in the right way so that they shoot the pigs and pop them. There are some structures too where the pigs take the shelter to save themselves. Hence, you need to plan the fling in such a way that the birds can break through those structures. When any parts of the structure hit the pigs, it can pop them up. You have to pop all the pigs using the number of birds you have to clear the level. Once you clear one level, you will be moved to the next one.
The interface and gameplay of Angry Birds 2 is quite amazing and smooth. You will not face any issue playing this game. Flinging the birds is quite easy and you can enjoy the easy to use interface. Also, you will love the stunning graphics of this game. It looks quite bright and crisp. You will enjoy the high quality graphics, quality sound and smooth interface. Besides these, there are many more amazing features that can make your gaming experience even more wonderful. Some of the best features are:
Independence to choose your own bird
Different unique levels
Daily tasks and challenges
Join any clan of your choice
Compete with each other in arena
Impress and satisfy the mighty eagle
Many levels to play
Make it to the leaderboard
Completely free to play
With all these features and amazing gameplay and graphics, you will love to play this game. You just have to know how to play it in the best way possible. Do not worry as we are here to help you with that. When you are playing this game, it will be completely fun. This game is not only addicting but can also provide you with complete entertainment. You will love the fact how this game is so satisfying yet interesting. You will not get bored while playing this game. Kids as well as adults love playing this mobile game.


How To Play

From the thorough review and description about this mobile game, you must have got the idea about what this game is all about. Once you are interested in the game and want to play it, then you need to add the game to your device first. We are here to guide you through how you can play this game through different steps. This game is quite easy to play without much to think about or stress. It is a perfect game to play while relaxing. There are no complicated rules to learn about or controls to know.
We are here to provide you with a complete guide on how you can play Angry Birds 2. Here are some of the important steps that you need to know:
Step #1 – Start Playing
Once you start the game, you will be directed to the Level One of this game. There you can see a structure where the pigs are taking shelter. Far away, there are some angry birds that are ready to be flicked into the structure. You can choose whatever bird you want to flick first. Tap on that bird first and it will be ready to be flicked on the rope.
Step #2 – Throw the bird
Now, you have to flick the bird carefully so that it hits the structure or the pigs in the right way. There will be a dotted line to guide you. It will show how high that bird will fly before it lands. You need to adjust the rope according to that while pulling it before you leave it. Once you leave the rope, the bird will be thrown towards the structure to hit the pigs and break the structure. You need to be good at aiming those birds in the right way.
Step #3 – Climb up the levels
You need to cross each and every level to move to the next one. As you move up the levels, it will get more and more challenging. You have to figure out different ways to kill the pigs in order to win the game. For that, you have to know the special characteristics and power of each and every bird. You can use these powers to destroy the pigs in the shelter.
Step #4 – Use boosters
You can also use the boosters in order to improve your gameplay. While some of the boosters are free to use, you can buy more from the in-app stores using real money. These boosters can actually help you to get the best result and solve the levels in the best way possible.
What are you waiting for? Do you love to play action games mixed with fun and entertainment? Well, Angry Birds 2 is the ideal game to choose for your relaxation time then. Start playing today!Follow the above mentioned steps to play the game. Once you start to play and get to understand the game properly, make sure to come back here and please leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below. It can be helpful for the rookie gamers.

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