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Among Us


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    December 16, 2021
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    Google Play
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    Android 6.0+
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    Innersloth LLC
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Looking for a unique game that will rack your brain and make adrenalin rush into your bloodstream? Well, the short answer to this question is – Among Us. This game has taken the world by storm with its intriguing gameplay that will keep you hooked onto it for hours at length. The game is described to be a social deception online game that features everything expected of a thriller mystery game. It was in fact inspired by ‘Mafia’, which is a real-life social deduction group game, along with the horror movie (science fiction) called ‘The Thing’.
This part murder-mystery, part, puzzle, and part survival game is a group-based game that consists of at least 10 crew members on a spaceship, who are given the task of keeping the spaceship running. There is, however, a twist with the presence of one or more ‘imposters’ who will try to kill the rest of the crew members, including you. The goal of this thrilling game is to find out the imposters while completing your given task. If you cannot fulfill your goal before the game ends, the imposter will be declared as the winner.
This adventure-filled game is available for free on Google and Apple, or you can include it on your console or computer, depending on your preference.To play this game, a group consisting of 4-10 players is required, either by joining strangers online, or by hosting your own game and inviting your friends to play with you. The players, including you, will either have to take up the role of an imposter or a crewmate. If you are wrong in selecting the imposter, the imposter will win the game.
Some features unique to this game include:
Game Choice – You can either host your own ‘local’ game by inviting your friends without going online. Alternatively, you can go online and participate in a ‘public’ game, or join your friend’s game, or even host one for your friends.
Chatting Up – The game features a chat section on the upper part of the screen. You can use this to chat up with other crew members and call for an emergency meeting, and decide who the possible imposter is. The ‘Censor Chat’ option works to filter out inappropriate language.
Customization Options – The game comes with in-app purchases, which you can use to buy accessories like skins, themed accessories, or hats. While the game is available for free, the customisation of your character depends on how much real money you are willing to spend.
Age Restrictions and Ban – This game can be played only if you are 7 years and above in age. This is because it does contain mild violence, and features in-app purchases. In case a player is not acting properly you can ‘ban’ the person from that game, provided you are the host.
With all these amazing features and exciting gameplay mentioned in the description, it is now time to learn how to play this thrilling mystery game.


How To Play

To help you understand in a simple way, this is a group game that can be played online and locally. In it, there are usually 10 players (4-10) placed in a location to complete certain tasks, while 1 or more imposters (generally 2) try to kill the other crewmates. There are 4 outcomes of an Among Us game:
All the given tasks are completed and the Crew wins.
All the imposters are dead and the Crew wins.
The crewmates are unable to identify the imposters, and fail to prevent sabotage, and the Imposters win.
The number of imposters and the number of crewmates are the same, and the Imposters win.
The duration for which a game lasts depends on the players’ skills, total number of players, and the group’s selection of options. The game decides whether you will be assigned the role of an imposter or a crewmate, and the entire game is based on how you play to fulfill your given goal. Here’s a guide on how you can play this game, both as a Crewmate, and as an Imposter:
If you are a Crewmate –
Step 1 - Start with either joining a local or an online game. There is no way for you to know if you are imposter or a crewmate until and unless the game begins. You will not know if you are a crewmate or Impostor until the game starts.
Step 2 - On your phone’s screen you will see a touchpad that you can use for moving around and controlling your character.
Step 3 - To perform the task you have to walk into the right room and then either click on the ‘Use’ button or directly click on the object. The task given is mostly self-explanatory.
Step 4 - On spotting a dead crewmate, you may click on ‘Report’. This will result in team meeting, where the rest of the players will talk to each other to find out if more are dead, and who could possibly be the imposter/s. However, it is not mandatory to ‘Report’ a dead crewmate.
Step 5 - You can press a button available in the map, to call for an ‘Emergency Meeting’.
Step 6 - Once the discussion is over, you have to vote. You may skip voting if you want. No one will get ejected in case of a tie during voting.
Step 7 - In order to win a game, you have to complete the given tasks before the crew is killed by the imposters.
Step 8 - Even if you are killed by an imposter, you can still complete your task in the shape of a ghost, but you cannot chat with other members.
If you are an Imposter –
Step 1 - As mentioned earlier, you have to join a team or host a game and invite your friends to start a game. Only when the game begins will you know if you are an imposter.
Step 2 - Even if you are an imposter, you will have to use the touchpad on your screen to control the character provided.
Step 3 - As an imposter, you have to pretend to be a part of the team and blend in.
Step 4 - In order to kill a crewmate you have to get very close to that member and then click on the ‘Kill’ button. In between kills, there is a ‘cooldown timer’ that the host can customize.
Step 5 - Either ‘Report’ the dead body or flee so that no one suspects you.
Step 6 - You are free to take part in meetings, and you should use this time to throw any suspicion that comes your way.
Step 7 -You may go ahead and sabotage the spaceship by either setting off the faults, or locking down rooms.
Step 8 - Finally, to win a game you will have to kill the crewmates.
This mystery thriller game is perfect for killing time, especially if you are good at group-based games. If you have already played Among Us, please contribute your views in the comment section below.

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