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Papa's Cluckeria To Go!

Papa's Cluckeria To Go!

Papa's Cluckeria To Go!


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    February 21, 2022
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    Google Play
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    Android 5.0+
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    Flipline Studios
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Help Papa spread his top secret chicken sandwich recipe in Papa’s Cluckeria To Go!
There is an introduction to the game at the start, first you agree to help Papa start a sandwich shop in Oilseed Springs. The place has chicken, cooking oil and no competition, it is the perfect place to start a restaurant. But 3 weeks later, there is competition in Oilseed Springs. Oh no! Will you be able to emerge victorious in this new town?
On Day 1, you start a tutorial for the game. There is an order station, frying station, build station and slush station. At the order station, you write down the customer’s order. Prepare and cook the meat at the fry station according to your customer’s order, remember to match the batter and coat it with bread. There is a marker to show how evenly you bread the chicken, it is best to center the meat to the container.
When the timer reaches the marker, you take out the cooked meat and take it to the building station. At the building station, the toppings and sauces are at the top. Swipe left and right to match the customer’s order. Remember to select the correct bun before putting your cooked chicken on it. Tap on the sandwich below to drop the toppings such as jalapenos and lettuce on the top. When you are done, swipe until you find the correct top bun to finish the sandwich.
Then it is the Slush station, this is where you prepare your customer’s drink order. Select the correct cup size and a cup will drop. Choose the correct flavor and watch the machine mix the drinks to create the drink. Once the timer stops, you can serve the customer the order. A happy customer will give you tips and points in the game. Your placement of toppings and slush blending time affects the customer’s satisfaction.
In between serving customers, there are also mini games you can play. Winning mini games wins you prizes like costumes and decoration. There is a different mini- game every day. Rico’s Chiliworks is a game where you connect the pipes so chili con carne can flow to the tap. Freeze- Putt is a mini golf game with a time limit. Test your memory in Fashion Flambe, where you have to remember what the chef was wearing. Strike out is a game where you have to cause 3 baseball strikes to the opponent to win a prize. Win a prize in Spin N’ Sauce, while see how your luck goes in Pizza Pachinko. Slide a little slider burger in a direction to get to the star spring to win a prize. You can also play Food Truck, where you can create your own burger and see who is interested. The Food Truck mini game allows you to experiment with your own creations.
You gain a weekly wage, and the tips you get depends on how satisfied your customers are. There is also a point system that accumulates to increase your ranking. Earn golden tickets to play the mini games. You can see the tickets on the bottom left of the screen when a customer grades you, while gold coins will drop into the tip jar on the right.


How To Play

The stations are color coded: green for order, orange for frying, blue for building and purple for slush. The left bottom tab is the previous station, while the right bottom tab is the next. You can shift quickly from station to station by tapping on them. This will help you multitask as you have to make sure that you serve customers as well as cook the food. On the top center of the station are your customer orders. You can pause the game by tapping the pause button on the left of your order panel. Tapping the arrow panels on the top changes the order list you have for your customers.
There are 6 spots for frying your meat, so you can cook all the food at the same time, but remember to check the timer. After taking the order, fry the meat first before making the drinks. Then you can quickly assemble the sandwich and serve. The drinks and cooking process takes the longest, so you should prioritize them when you can. When you have enough money, invest in things like a door bell so you know the customers are coming, because you need many happy customers.
Each customer has a star at the bottom of their name, and every satisfactory transaction earns you a star in the record. Every night after you close the shop, your total score and earnings tally up. Then the game offers you to play the mini games with the tickets you earn. After the mini games, you can see your statistics and other information. You usually get paid on Sunday.
Your ranking is a star icon, while the shop decorations are the furniture icon. Tap on the book icon to see the recipes you have on hand. See your customer history by tapping the people icon. There is also a Today’s Special board that will earn you a bonus if your customers order it. You can buy a board to advertise the day’s special item so your customers will try it.
Other helpful tools to buy in Papa’s Cluckeria To Go is the Slush alarm that beeps when it is done blending, or a hold down booster button so the machine will blend slush quicker. When you have a lot of customer orders, you have to be able to change stations when it is time. Having a timer will alert you that food is ready so you can cook more items and serve customers in the timely manner.
Papa’s Cluckeria To Go! is a game that tests your organizational skills, but you do not see the customers all the time. You have to move between stations to meet all customer demands, and you have to also make sure that the burger is stacked properly to get a good score. Share your tips and tricks in Papa’s Cluckeria To Go! in the comment area below so that more people will like the game.

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