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    7 February 2022
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    Android 4.4+
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Are you fond of games that are relaxing as well as interesting? If you are looking for games like that, then you have landed at the right place. Homescapes is one of the best simulation games that you can thoroughly enjoy. This game offers you a lot of features and you can do a lot of things here in this game. While you can play games and solve puzzles, you can also decorate and design a home in your way. Doesn’t that sound interesting to you? Well, to know more about this game and how you can play it efficiently, read on.
This is one of the best and most heartwarming mobile games that you will love to play. The game is based on a house which is in a very bad condition. You have to repair and renovate the house. You can decorate the house part by part. But for that you will need stars and you can collect the stars by playing match-3 puzzle games. These games can be quite fun and interesting. Right from the time you will enter through the door of the house, the adventures will start. You have to fix the problems of the house in order to help the owner of the house. Follow the story, repair the house, unlock different sections of the house, play the puzzle games and earn rewards.
Use the rewards you win for unlocking the rooms and renovating the house fully. The Homescapes game is quite a fun game with some really amazing features. Some of the significant features of this game are:
Unique and interesting gameplay
Different interior designing and decorating options
Interesting and unique puzzles for each level
Beautiful and a huge mansion with different rooms
Play and win to unlock more rooms
Amazing characters in the game
Special puzzles for more special rewards
Invite the Facebook friends and play with them
This is a free mobile game that you can join on your Android or iOS operated smart device.Even though the game is available for free, the game is quite amazing. The best part of the game is the gameplay and the graphics. Gameplay is quite unique from that of the normal simulation game. Here you have to work on the puzzles in order to collect rewards. These rewards can be redeemed to decorate the mansion in the way you want. The game is based on an important character named ‘Austin’. He is responsible for taking care of the house and fixing the issues.
Now that you know what this game is all about, you need to know how to play this game. Don’t let the house get destroyed. You have to fix the house and make it look beautiful. If you have a passion towards decoration and interior designing, this game can be quite interesting to you. It is a relaxing and fun game to play to kill some time. Read the next section to know how you can play this game efficiently.


How To Play

From the description about the game above, you must have understood the basic gameplay and backstory. But the main part is to play the game. The game starts off with a lighter note where you have to play some easy puzzles to collect the stars in order to renovate the house. As you proceed, the game gets tougher and more interesting. Want to know how you can play this game?
Here are some of the step by step instructions that you have to follow in order to play Homescapes successfully:
Step 1: Play the puzzles
Though the game mainly focuses on renovation of the house or mansion, the puzzles play a vital role. Of course, you have to play the puzzles in order to collect stars. So, start playing the puzzles and win each level to collect stars. In the puzzles, you have to match three or more similar elements. These puzzles come with different interesting elements too as you level up. This makes the game even more interesting and enjoyable.
Step 2: Fix the house
Once you start solving the puzzles, you will win some rewards. These rewards can be in coins as well as in stars. You need to fix different parts of the house and renovate it for better. To renovate the house, you will have to use those stars. Each renovation task will require a specific amount of stars. While some tasks will need just one star, some will need two, three, four or even more.
Step 3: Fulfill the tasks
You will be given different tasks to complete. This can be fixing the mansion, building something or even renovating a specific area inside or outside the house. You can check the task list that is displayed on the special task tab. Based on that, you can proceed in the game. The best thing about this game is that there are some seasonal and limited edition tasks that you can play to gain some special prizes.
Step 4: Unlock more rooms
The mansion is huge. You will keep on unlocking different rooms and areas of the mansion as you proceed the game. As you earn more stars, complete the tasks assigned to you and fix the house. Once you start fixing, you will notice more and more areas are getting unlocked. Once you unlock the rooms, you will get more tasks to complete.
This is how you can play the game of Homescapes thoroughly. This is a very easy game to play and you can have it for free and play it whenever you want. But you have limited life in this game. Once the life is over, you can either wait for some time to revive the life or you can buy more hearts to keep on playing. This game is quite addicting and you will love playing this game. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing today! Once you play the game, please make sure to share your thoughts and feedback about the game. This can be really helpful for the rookie players.

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