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    February 14, 2022
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    Google Play
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    Android 5.0+
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Are you worried about giving your child a perfect pastime? If yes then you have come to a very tight place as here you'll get to know about a kid game that can also be played by adults too. The game is a perfect combination of hardness and easiness as its toughness level can be altered according to the age group of the player. But what's that game? Wondering? The game is - Emoji Puzzle! The best thing about this game is that many of you might already be familiar with the emojis used in the game as these have been drawn from many of the social media sites that everyone uses these days. So, let's discuss Emoji Puzzle in some detail with the description section:
The gameplay of Emoji Puzzle is very easy to understand because the game itself is very easy if you are an adult but for kids, this game is a little tough.
All you have to do to play the game is just match the emojis or one column with the other ones on the opposite side. The emojis of both sides have some sort of relationship with each other, you have to understand that and then drag or pull the emoji to draw the line and match it with the other ones.
The game has many features which are very interesting to know and understand, so what those are least see with the following points:
Drawing a line to match the emojis on one side with the clues given on the other one is very simple; the trick is coming up with a creative way to do it. If you get stuck, use the clue box to get some tips on how to proceed through the level.
This game is completely free for everyone to play. Making some in-app purchases, which start at just a few Rupees (Indian Currency), can make the game more engaging.
Because the game doesn't promote any adult content that would prevent young children from enjoying it, you can give it to them without worrying.
With a lot more rewards, you can unlock as many levels as you can.
Simple themes with beautiful aesthetics and calming effects on the eyes
A few of the features mentioned above are those that can only be appreciated or felt while playing this fantastic game; they cannot be understood solely through reading. But at this point, you might wonder whether the game is multiplayer or whether you must play it alone. If so, the answer is that it is a single-player game, so you must play it by yourself. However, many players from around the world are trying their best to play the game, so you won't feel alone.
Let's move on to the post's section that discusses "How To Play Emoji Puzzles". Before moving on to the following sections, be sure you fully understand everything stated above:


How To Play

If you play Emoji Puzzle properly, it can brighten your day, but you might not be aware of what that might be. As a result, if you are reading this post, you don't need to worry about this since you will learn how to play this game as effectively as possible. The following stages must be completed in this game:
Stage 1
First, you have to change the setting and set the level of the game. The level of the game means toughness or easiness, you can choose how you want to go with the game. There are many age groups given to change the level, if you are playing then you can select the adult group but if you're giving it to any small kid then you can choose the game to be easy by selecting the kid level.
Stage 2
It's time to activate the rhythmic sound because it will greatly aid you in completing the levels. Yes, this game's soundtrack is very calming and inspiring, and it will give you the courage you need to face the most dangerous obstacles in your path. Furthermore, it prevents you from getting bored when you are in a challenging game stage. Don't forget to play the soundtracks after you've been given the characters, but it's okay if you don't like them; you can leave them off without worrying.
Stage 3
Now, this is the final act where you have to observe the given emojis on both sides and then think about how you can match them in such a way that they make some sense. This is brain-challenging and will enhance your creative thinking. If you successfully match them then your one level will be crossed or passed but if you don't then you'll not be able to get to the next ones. The less time you take to solve the puzzle the better scores you get.
The upcoming levels will be different and will also be tougher than the previous ones but don't worry because once you can get a good hold over the game then it will not be bothering you anymore.
The important note here you must know is that always set the game level before playing otherwise you might end up misunderstanding the game. In many cases, people forget it and then curse the game for it being tough or easy according to their maturity level. Therefore to save yourself from this situation you must change the settings initially.
So, using this method, you can keep playing the game and unlock the additional levels. The game is full of enjoyment, but that doesn't mean you should use it as a means of self-distraction. Instead, use it to spur you on to finish the game and give your brain a better opportunity to exercise itself at a different and unique level.
So what are you waiting for? Play "Puzzle Emoji" now and don't forget to share your comments about it with others in the section below!

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