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Angry Birds POP

Angry Birds POP

Angry Birds POP


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  • Updated Time:
    January 27, 2022
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    Google Play
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    Android 4.4+
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    Rovio Entertainment Oyj
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Angry Birds POP is a super entertaining game that has received appreciation from more than forty-five million players. You will love this exciting game and pop-and-match colorful bubbles in around 2000 levels. You can explore more and participate in special events to get rewards and have a lot of fun. Play Angry Birds POP with Chuck, Bomb, Red, Stella, and other angry birds, and make the game more adventurous with bubble shooting. The best part is that there will be endless challenges throughout the game. You will find it entertaining and use your creativity to move faster. Observe the game and plan every step carefully. Grab the slingshots and target bubbles to rescue the adorable hatchlings.
You can participate in the events and special guests to have more challenges and fun. Yes, you can have rewards and fill the game with more actions. The game is worth trying for all since it does not require any specific skills or expertise. You can start and play whenever you have time without bothering about the gameplay and setting. The game will create favorable conditions for you, but you should be observant to progress faster, unlock new challenges, and get more rewards.
Besides, Angry Birds POP will enable you to explore endless levels. Yes, you can play more than 7000 level games daily, and there will be more every week to test your skills and make you a better player. Keep exploring if you want more challenges. In addition, there will be regular updates, special guests, seasonal themes, and many more. You can participate in all those and have more rewards. Also, you would appreciate the beautiful animations and graphics of the game. The inspiring colors will motivate you to explore more and set a new challenge. You can pull off the popping steaks and load the slingshot. It will make you more powerful, and you can dominate the game with extra power.
There will be many specific challenges in Angry Birds POP. You can complete the available challenges and get special bonuses that you can use to strengthen your character and perform better. Even if the game is super easy to play, you can focus on the setting and check bubbles to understand the game well. Also, you can challenge your Facebook friends and send gifts. You will have boosters to support your adventure, play challenging levels, and progress further.
The goal is to use your slingshot and match and burst the bubbles. You can hit the bubbles of the shed pigs and clear your levels. Also, you can free trapped chicks and have fun. You can match three or more bubbles to burst bubbles. However, some obstacles might come at advanced levels. There will be different blockers, including wood and glass, but the colored bubbles can break those blockers. But you can avoid some blockers since they can shoot your bubbles. A better understanding of different features will enable you to play well and complete complex levels.
All the levels will have unique challenges that require specific attention. You can use rewards and boosters when you find the game levels more challenging. You can keep reading if you want to know how to play and dominate the game, regardless of the difficulty level.


How To Play

Once you start playing Angry Birds POP, you will get five lives. Hence, you will have to be careful. If you fail to complete a task, they will subtract one life. When it becomes zero, you cannot play for some time. You will have to wait until life comes again, but you can also take lives from your Facebook friends.
You will have four special bubbles in the Angry Birds POP. However, six matches will fill up the pop meter to show such a bubble. Since each angry bird will have this bubble, you can unlock them and get more power. You can unlock Red Rock Pop, Chuck Color Pop, Matildas Splash Pop, and Stellas Power Pop.
Red Rock Pop can appear when activating the streak. You can use it to drop multiple pigs and blast any obstacles, including glass, wood, and rocks. The Chuck Color Pop can appear in speedy Chuck levels. You can fill the streak meter to get this bubble and use it to remove game bubbles of the same color. However, you can use the Matildas Splash Pop to change interconnected bubble colors. It can help you change two colors into one. The Stellas Power Pop can burst a group of bubbles at once. You can also use it to destroy obstacles, including wood. You can activate this bubble in Stella levels.
In addition, you will have Bombs blast pop and Terence smash pop. Since all will have a specific power, inquire about each and get the most benefits. When playing Angry Birds POP, you can try to match bubbles and fill up the streak meter. Successful matches will ensure a streak fill, and you can have boosters to get more support in complex levels. You have to match in a row and move faster.
Are you interested in Angry Birds POP? Do you want to know how to play it well? If yes, you can consider the following steps.
Step One: Get Higher Bubbles
You can take bubbles from the top and drop them on the floor. You can follow this simple trick in bomb bird levels to perform well. Also, you can use walls to access higher bubbles. Always focus on the higher bubbles to stay safe. Otherwise, shooter bubbles can hit them, resulting in a massive drop.
Step Two: Know Your Objective
Before focusing on the matching colors, know your objective. Once you develop a game plan, you can follow it to score more points and get boosters and special bubbles.
Step Three: Unlock Special Bubbles
You will have four special bubbles in the game, and you will have to unlock them to strengthen your character and clear more obstacles at once.
Angry Birds POP can entertain you a lot, and you can hone your skills with practice. Understand the game, develop your plan, and have a lot of fun. Share your strategies with beginners and help them perform better.

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