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My Talking Tom Friends

My Talking Tom Friends

My Talking Tom Friends


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    January 10, 2022
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    Google Play
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    Android 5.0+
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    Outfit7 Limited
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The fun never stops in the home of My Talking Tom Friends.
Help Talking Tom by dragging him to where he wants to go in the house. When there is a speech bubble above him, check out what it is before tapping on the speech bubble. Tom or his housemates will be instantly transported near their desires, and you just have to drop them onto the object and watch them play.
There are 5 essential activities that you must prioritize when you are playing with Tom and friends. In My Talking Tom Friends, eating, sleeping, illness and hygiene (toilet and bath) appear in red. They take precedence over all other activities, and your friends will not engage in any other tasks until you meet their basic requirements.
Talking Tom and his friends each have a yellow star meter, which you collect while doing tasks like playing games, cleaning the house and gardening. Collect the yellow stars to earn gold coins, costumes or stickers. Fill the green bus token so you can go to the market to collect goodie bags. There are 5 different stores in the market: sports, garden, arts, puzzles and drama. Once you are in the shop, you get to pick 5 goodie bags to go home with.
Open the sticker packs to reveal the 3 stickers inside, and they go into your sticker book. You get pink stars for any duplicate stickers in the pack. Once you have enough pink stars, you can trade them for the stickers that you need. The gold coins from the goodie bags are for food to feed Talking Tom and to buy seeds for the garden. You can buy coins, costumes and special food with real money, but you can play your way to gain more coins.
At the center, you have the bedroom and the playroom. Moving left, you have the beds, the closet where you can find the costumes from goodie bags and yellow stars. Once you pass the doorway, the front yard has a sandpit, a tree house, and a swimming pool. Moving to the left from the bed are the sticker books in the bookshelf and the game consoles. Next to the console is the blackboard at your friend's level. You can tap on the arrow to see what rewards you get when you reach a level. Check out your other friends by tapping on their icon below the blackboard.
When Tom and friends are hungry, drag them to the dining table to eat. The kitchen is next to the dining table, where friends can cook as an optional activity, but it is not an essential task. Move right to the bathroom and toilets when Tom needs to go. The space between the toilet and the bath is the first aid cabinet for any injuries. Move to the backyard to see a garden patch for planting seeds. The treasure chest next to it allows you to change the deck and garden patch design. At the end is the bus that takes you to the shops.


How To Play

You can instantly transport Tom and his friends to their desired tasks by tapping on the speech bubble quickly. Another alternative is to pick them up by holding on the screen, then drag it across to where you need it. You can either drop them into the toy, or drop the toy onto your friends for them to play.
For some activities like the console, garden plot and pool, tap on the little console to start a mini-game. When you are in the pool, the mini-game involves bumping other players out of the pool without getting kicked out of the pool. The console panel offers all the games in My Talking Tom Friends when you tap into it. The mini puzzle games are fun to play and they are short. You can earn coins and more bus tokens.
Plant your own food in the garden plot. If you do not have seeds, you can watch an ad to get some. Drag the pipe from the top to water your seeds until the bar fills up. Then, wait a few minutes before your vegetable grows so you can harvest. You can plant up to 3 different seeds in your garden plot.
To gain more toys for your friends, fill the sticker book. Once you complete the page of stickers, you will earn the toy that is shown on the corner of the page. You can buy missing stickers with the pink stars as currency, but rare stickers cost more to buy. The easiest way to collect stickers is to do tasks that earn bus tokens. Sometimes, when you collect stars to level up, you can also receive sticker packs.
While you start with only Talking Tom and Angela, soon you will find more friends like Ben, Hank, Becca and Ginger. They will not appear together immediately, but they will be part of the Talking Tom Friends. Your friends appear at the bottom right corner with little arrows on each side, so you can check on them by tapping on the picture instead of searching around the house for them.
When your friends are sleeping, you cannot play the mini-games. When you are at the dining table, you can blend fruits to make fruit juice to feed your friends. You can also feed more than one friend at a time. When they are full, they will close their mouths and refuse more food. If you feed them spicy food, they will react to the heat in various ways.
My Talking Tom Friends can talk back and repeat your words. Simply drag them to the microphone to start the game. Your friends will listen to what you say and repeat it back to you. Your friends can play with certain toys by themselves, but those that you can join in if there is a console icon at the top. Share your favorite part of the game in the comment area below, so that more people can like the game.

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