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Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley


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    January 23, 2020
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    Google Play
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    Android 4.1+
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    ustwo games
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If you might have ever played hide & seek in your childhood then you will be familiar with that excitement of searching for one or hiding. But these days when everyone is busy on their phone and no one gets out to play outside, how can this thrill be experienced again or can it be shared with those who have never experienced it? So for that reason, there is a game - Monument Valley which is quite similar to it and can also be played without a team. Thinking about it? So, to know the answer follow the description section as follows:
Monument Valley is a quite simple game where you have to guide the prince through his way to the end of different monuments. Those monuments are not something normal but have many plot twists inside. Therefore it can be said that Monument Valley is quite all about crossing the monuments or coming out of it safely and early as possible.
The best thing about Monument Valley is that it has extremely beautiful themes. You will get to experience all the beautiful palaces, temples, and other such monuments which are loaded with illusions digitally. The monuments here are beyond someone's imagination and this is the main reason why the players who have tried this game before praise the game's graphic design and creativity. Everything here is very unique and handcrafted because of which you'll never feel like quitting this game in between or ever.
This is not everything that one needs to know about this game as there are many such exciting twists in the game that you will get to know from its features. Therefore let's proceed to discuss the game features as follows:
Not so expensive to play
Free from any adult or exploitative content that can harm children or others
Motivating soundtracks
One can save his/her progress easily
No forcing in-app purchases
Though Monument Valley has monuments filled with illusions this doesn't mean that it will make your game very tough. The game will initially run very soft and easy but yes as soon as you cross the levels and begin to reach the game climax it will become a little tough but when you are here then you don't need to worry about such things as these things will be taken care of very well in the next section.
Wondering if you can play it on your mobile only or if you can also synchronize Monument Valley to your tablet. If yes then yes you can do so very easily. The game supports all devices comfortably so that you don't feel restricted or uncomfortable while playing it. Also, you can save your progress and start playing the game again from where you have left off or quit it earlier when you played it.
Now, you know all the descriptive things about Monument Valley and it's time to jump right to the "How To Play" section of this post, which is as follows:


How To Play

This section is one of the most important ones as without this you may not feel the same excitement or thrill while playing the game as others because you might get trapped in its complexities. Yes, the game has a few complexities which can be tackled easily with the right strategy play. Therefore to make you know those strategies, below are three important steps given as follows which will give a great lead in the game:
Stage 1
At the beginning of the game, you have to decide on a theme, though the theme changes as you cross the level but there are many different themes in the initial levels also that you can choose from. From from will be given a character who will be the Prince whom you have to guide. So, you can customize your Prince also by choosing the option "customize the Prince ''. You can change his clothes, jewelry, hair colors, weapons, and whatnot.
Stage 2
In this stage, you will enter the game finally and will be left out inside a monument that can be anything like a palace or a temple along with your prince. There will be some challenges inside with dangers. You have to face all of them and then come out of the monument finding the way through it. As mentioned above, the monuments are very elusive therefore the ways inside keep on changing, and if you lose a single second to cross any path then the next second it might disappear and you'll get locked or stuck again.
Stage 3
While crossing the monuments there will be many gems and other precious things lying there, you have to collect them also. Don't take this so easy because collecting the gems will not be. There will be many situations where in one place you will see a path appearing to you that will lead you to the final door while on the other there might be a big treasure waiting for you to pick it. So what you do in such a situation will decide your fortune in the game, but if you succeed in tackling both at once then you will be called an expert in this game as many people find it very difficult and fail to do so.
Next, you can use the gems or treasure that you have collected till now along with the Price. To use them you can purchase swords or other items through which you can customize the look of your Price better with the gems or treasure.
So, this was all about the game -Monument Valley. Now you can play the game without any fear of losing it or lacking the scores. All you need to do is keep all the above-mentioned instructions in mind while playing the game. Last but not the least, do come after trying the game and write your experience in the given section below!

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