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Merge Dragons!

Merge Dragons!

Merge Dragons!


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    February 15, 2022
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    Google Play
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    Android 4.4+
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    Gram Games Limited
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Are you in search of some magical or mystical world game? If yes then you are at the perfect place because here you'll get to know about "Merge Dragon" which is all you want. Let's not reveal everything here and know how to play Merge Dragon and its features with the following sections:
Merge Dragon is a game with a magical and mystical world where you can do a lot of things which includes merging or evolving many or everything in the Dragon world into a more powerful and better one.
The Dragonia world is a hidden world that is flourishing among the beautiful clouds but the world has many devil eyes on it. Everything is being spoiled by the devils. So what's your job here? You have to match everything including trees, dragon eggs, magical flowers, mythical creatures, stars, and treasures to heal them and make them beautiful with your magical powers.
So, the game goes this way but what's interesting about it? The interesting thing is its very amazing features. Let's know them as follows:
The game teaches how to be social by it allows you to add your fellow friends and family and visit camps made by them to gain some ideas and inspiration from them, further you can also share your rewards and gift items with them which will develop a helping nature in you
If you want to enjoy the game by playing it with like-minded players like you then for that you join a Den for which you have unlocked its features. Unlocking them will suggest some like-minded and best defenders of The world Dragonia to you among which you can choose whom you want to play.
If you find healing the land a little bit tough then you can take the help of your family and friends and also you can invite the players from Den Dragonia to help you in doing so.
Much of this game can be played without having an internet connection. Yes, it's true but for some aspects of the game, you might need it.
The game is optimized for tablet users and can be played for absolutely free but if you want to take the game longer with many interesting things then you can make many amazing in-app purchases which are all worth it.
The game involves many talented players from all across the globe. It has many amazing themes which attract everyone who has once opened it. With many best features, the game teaches many good things to its players like "sharing is caring" with its features that allow sharing the rewards and "unity is strength" by allowing players to build a team and recreate the Dragon world in a better form.
Now the game description is over its turns to tell you about the stages in the game with the help of the section " How To Play Merge Dragon". So stay tuned till the end and read the upcoming section as follows:


How To Play

Stage 1
The game has multiple challenges which are over 81 in number. First, you have to complete the first challenge which is to discover the multiple objects in the game so that you can merge or match them. The objects are hidden in many different places, you have to go and explore the different places in Dragonia world and then take out or find out the objects, finding three same objects and matching them will let you complete the first challenge. So, go and explore the Dragoon World.
Stage 2
As you know, Dragon land is cursed with the evil eye of the devil which makes it ugly and does not allow any creature to have a life on it. So, when you succeed in merging as many items as possible and converting them into a bigger or superior one then with the help of those you can activate your magical powers and start giving life to the dead creatures and this is how your second age will be completed.
Stage 3
Now the quest for materialistic things ends in this stage and you have to now go on to search for the better thing here which is the brand new breed of Dragons who don't live in the Dragonia land but in the vale. So go and search for them there and then bring those here on your land to evolve them and let them grow and flourish in Dragonia land so that they can become of it and protect the land from the evil eyes of devils.
Remember that these dragons are of utmost importance as they'll not only help you protect the land but will also help you in finding most of the hidden objects in less time. So take care of them properly.
Stage 4
Now you will be a little free as the dragons will look out for the dangers, but this doesn't mean that your work is done and you can rest now rather you have more work now. The Dragonia land is healing now and needs to be nurtured with more plants and creatures. So, you have to solve the tricky puzzles now to grow the magical plants on the land, the more puzzles you solve the more plants you can grow. Grown-up plants will give shelter to the mythical creatures which will further bring treasure and coins to you, so go and collect them to increase your score.
So, this is how you can play Merge Dragon. The game is quite simple to play but finding the objects might not always be because there will be evil fog which will make everything blur so that it gets late for you to find the objects.
Now go and try this wonderful game but don't forget to come here again and share your game experience in the comment section below.

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