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Hay Day

Hay Day

Hay Day


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    December 1, 2021
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    Google Play
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    Android 4.1+
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Become a farmer who looks after his friends and neighbors using a beautiful land on Hay Day.
The land you inherit from your uncle, and it is a rundown farm with a house, a silo and a barn. The trees change color and type according to the season in the Northern hemisphere. Your land is filled with trees, bogs and rocks; but there is enough space for you to grow before you need to clear up more land for your farm. To get rid of a small tree, you need a hatchet. You need a saw to cut down the bigger trees. Blow up rocks with a stick of dynamite and a shovel to remove the bog in the farm.
Your guide on Hay Day is Mr. Wicker, a scarecrow who is helpful in telling you what is next to do on the farm. The first few steps are compulsory, as the game will only react when you follow Mr. Wicker's instructions. After you finish feeding the chickens, you can actively ignore his request to speed up the chickens. You do not have to spend the diamonds if you do not want to: simply let the chickens eat the feed before laying eggs.
Ignoring Mr. Wicker's suggestion to speed up your chicken laying eggs will save you some diamonds. You use gold coins to buy buildings and animals, but the diamonds are to help speed up processes or to buy upgrading tools. You earn gold coins when you fulfill orders from the board, and you gain diamonds on specific tasks or achievements. Diamonds are harder to come by, and they will make the game easier when you need it.
Once you know the basic planting and harvesting, your neighbor Greg walks in to introduce himself. Visit Greg to check out his store to bag some items for your farm. After that, you focus on earning gold coins and getting experience points. Your experience points contribute to your level in the game, and every level will open up new possibilities such as extra fields and perks. Find your friends by linking the account with your social media, and the game will save your progress automatically.
Your level bar is on the top center, while your currencies are on the top right corner. At the bottom left, the picture of a vintage till will show you the list of things you can buy and the cost. Farming fields are free, but you have a maximum amount per level, so it is important to check after every level up. At the start, you can buy the maximum of 6 chickens for your chicken coop. Then you can buy 5 cows for your cow pasture. To own the animals, you need to buy the pastures and pens to house them in.
Access the settings window via the gear icon on the top left corner. Here, you can access help and support or switch the music or sounds on or off. You can also change the farm’s name or the language in the game. The advanced settings allow you to enable extra playing options, such as neighborhood chats or disabling events. You can also turn off the double tap confirmation here, if you are not worried about spending diamonds unintentionally.


How To Play

After you have free rein in the game, time to start planting! On Hay Day, you start with 3 seeds of each plant, such as wheat. To plant wheat, you tap on it and drag to sow the seed on the field. You do not have to spend money buying the plant, you have to use the existing plants to plant more. Hence, if you sell or use all of your wheat, you will have no more left to sow on the field. Hence, it is important to leave at least one plant so you can keep planting more. Upgrade your silo and barn so you can store more raw material and produce whenever you can. You will gain the tools by harvesting crops or collecting items from animals.
Once you reach level 15, you will unlock trees and bushes. The wait time to harvest trees and bushes is longer, and they will die after 4 harvests. Your friend can revive a tree for you when they visit your farm. Once the tree dies, you cut them down with saws or axes so you can plant more. Fruit trees and bushes take longer to harvest, but you can make jam or produce to sell at a higher price compared to crops.
Harvest crops and look after the animal: your task is to use the raw ingredients to make products like cheese, butter or bread. Watch the order board frequently. When you can fill one order, there will be a green tick on the paper. For the first few levels, this might take a while before you earn enough money to build more factories and level up. The fishing lake near the farm unlocks at level 27, allowing you to have an extra source of income on your farm. Once you repair the fishing boat nearby, you can make your own lures and catch a fish. Fishing is a good way to earn diamonds, and there are events on Hay Day for fishing.
Once you establish your farm, the game introduces reputation level when you reach level 34. You will have reputation points, which you earn by filling orders in service buildings. First, build a grocery store so you can offer your produce to the people in town. As you become more popular and more reputable, you can build other types of buildings to offer more services to the townspeople. The higher your level, the more chores you have to do before your day ends. There is no night and day with Hay Day, you can keep coming back to the game when you have time to spare.
In Hay Day, you can do as little or as much as you like. You can take part in all the events, or focus on pleasing your friends in town. If that is overwhelming, you can just focus on planting crops and looking after your animals. Share your tips and tricks for the game Hay Day in the comment area below so that more people can like the game.

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