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Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump


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  • Updated Time:
    February 2, 2022
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  • Available on:
    Google Play
  • Requirements:
    Android 4.4+
  • Developer:
    Lima Sky
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How high can you go in Doodle Jump? Beware of the aliens on your way up.
You are a small green alien trying to go up, and your special skill is jumping. The game looks like it has been drawn on grid paper. The green alien has 4 legs and no arms, two eyes and a long snout. Above the page is a flying saucer, below the alien is a green platform that it is jumping off from. You have a play button next to the platform to start jumping to the top.
As your alien is jumping on the platform on the main page, scroll sideways at the bottom of the screen for the Doodle Jump map. You have a few options of the theme of the jump, and each theme has its own aliens and platforms. The store button below takes you to the store that corresponds to the chosen theme. For example, if you choose to jump in a pirate theme, your store will have different pirate costumes, and extra boosters like head start and resurrect. Not all themes will give you the same booster. Every theme requires a different currency that you can buy with real money
Access the settings by selecting the gear picture with the name options. Connect with your Google account by tapping on the console picture. You can switch automatic directional shooting and sounds on or off. You can set the game to calibrate manually if you are having trouble with the alien landing correctly. If you want to focus on jumping, switch the missions off here as well. Getting missions done will give you random rewards from the spin wheel, it is worth trying to complete the missions.
When you have missions on, your 3 tasks will appear at the top of the screen. At the start of the game, there are plenty of green platforms for your green alien to land on. Tilt the phone left or right to move your alien to land on a platform. If you tilt too far, it will just appear on the other side of the screen. Every jump on a good platform will have a “boing” sound, and weak platforms will have a crack as it disintegrates into dust. Yellow platforms can turn red before they explode. The blue platforms will move from side to side, while darker blue ones move up and down. White disappearing platforms look like clouds that will help you up once and then disappear without a trace.
As you are jumping up, your score appears on the top left corner. You can pause the game by tapping on the pause button on the top right, but you can only do it 3 times. There are springs, trampoline, shields and a helicopter cap scattered around the map. A spring propels you upwards quickly. A trampoline bounces you up higher, and the alien will do a flip because the trampoline jump doubles the springs. When you wear the helicopter cap, you can fly upwards safely as long as you avoid the aliens on the way.


How To Play

Pay attention to the platforms above you, and remember that you can go to the other side by going the opposite way. Instead of trying to jump from left to right or vice versa, simply head left and an alien will appear on the right side after disappearing from the left. At the start, you have plenty of platforms so you do not have to worry about falling down to the ground. When you have mastered the tilting somewhat, the game finally begins!
As survival is king, safety comes first. You do not have to aim at the platforms with boosters like spring or trampoline if it seems too hard from where you are at, but definitely try to land on jetpacks and helicopter hats. While it is common sense to avoid the fragile platforms that crack, it is okay if you can still see a green platform below it. The screen moves upwards as the alien moves upwards, so platforms below will disappear for good once they leave the screen. If you fall down but there is no platform at the bottom of the screen to catch you, you lose the game and will have to restart.
There are two ways to get rid of the monsters: shoot them or stomp on them. Shooting the monster aliens is the easier method, especially if you have directional shooting on. Your alien will automatically aim and fire at the monsters as it jumps upwards. Stomping on aliens is harder because you must jump on it to count. If you hit the alien from below, you will be stunned and lose the game. Stomping on monsters can be part of your mission, and when you fulfill the tasks, you can earn the theme currency to exchange for costumes in the shop.
When you link the game with the Google account, you can participate in the tournament in Doodle Jump. However, there must be other players who are interested in playing in the tournament for everyone to play. Check the high score leaderboard to see who is leading in the world of Doodle Jump, or you can see where people are at on the right side of the screen while you are playing. There will be fine lines with names to show where they were at before they fell off.
Doodle Jump has no real ending, you can keep jumping and collecting points until you miss a platform or hit a monster. There are also spaceships that will come to abduct you, but you can try to avoid it by shooting at it repeatedly. If jumping upwards is too easy, you can try to complete as many missions as you can without falling off. There is no time limit to complete your tasks, as long as it is done before you fall off. Share your high score in the comments area below so that more people can like the game.

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