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Alto's Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey


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    January 4, 2022
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    Google Play
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    Android 5.0+
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Great news for sandboarding fans! Now, you can enjoy this sport on your mobile phone by playing the extraordinary game called Alto’s Odyssey. This relaxing game is a direct sequel to ‘Alto’s Adventure’, with similar gameplay. Created by Snowman, this game is focused on the character ‘Alto’, who sandboards through a desert, facing challenges along the way. It is a thoroughly relaxing game, with simple instructions to follow that can get you hooked in no time.
In this thrilling game, the character moves automatically toward the right side of your phone’s screen, crossing procedurally created biomes and landscapes. You have to tap on the screen to perform various tricks like jumps and backflips to achieve your goal of a high score. While you are moving, coins will pop up along the way, which you have to collect in order to purchase items from ‘Izel’s Workshop’. These items will help you upgrade and get better at sandboarding through tougher challenges. You will observe that the environment will keep changing, and the lighting will be affected as you move from day to night, and also during different weather conditions.
This sequel is an improvement of the original game with an intriguing soundtrack, outstanding new visuals, and more challenging gameplay. You don’t have to spend time-solving puzzles or engaging in battles. This game is specifically designed so that you can enjoy a relaxing and simple game while you unwind or calm yourself after a long day. The gorgeous scenery accompanied by calming soundtracks makes this game a worthy relaxing game. And, you can add the game to your phone for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.
As you move across the desert you will be exposed to an intoxicating horizon, flying over sand dunes, fantasy lands, forgotten cities, and endless canyons. As you jump over balloons and avoid geographical challenges like rocks and creatures of the desert, your singular aim is to make as high a score as possible. Here are a few distinct features of this amazing game:
Simple Instructions - The instructions to follow are simple. You can learn them easily but it will take some time to master them. You can chain the combos together and aim to achieve 180 goals using intuitive controls.
Varied, incredible landscape - This game gives you the chance to explore different biomes including canyons, temples, dunes, and a varied landscape, each of which has been intricately designed to provide you with exclusive visuals. You get to reach new heights in the air with wall riding, grind rails (moving), and hot-air balloons.
Intuitive Gameplay - The gameplay is based on fluid physics, making it easy for you to learn how to move past obstacles and challenges in no time. Moreover, the fully-dynamic weather and lighting effects give you a stunning visual display of rainbows, fog, thunderstorms, shooting stars, blizzards, etc.
Unique, relaxing mode - The ‘Zen Mode’ is the most relaxing of all the modes because here you can play without running after coins, power-ups, or even scores.
Character Variety - The game features six other friends of ‘Alto’, each of whom has unique abilities and attributes.
With the description explained, you must now know how you can play this game, which is described below.


How To Play

After you have opened Alto's Odyssey.you just have to agree that you are 16 years and older to start enjoying this relaxing game. You are taken directly to the start of the game where ‘Alto’ on his sandboard, starts moving along the right side of the screen over the desert landscape.
Intuitive Controls - In the meanwhile, you are provided with instructions on how to continue snowboarding without getting stuck along the way.
Jump and Backflip - The simplest way to avoid obstacles is by tapping lightly on your phone’s screen to make ‘Alto’ jump. If you continue holding the finger on your screen, ‘Alto’ will try to backflip. If it is successful then the character will continue moving, else they will fall face-down and your run will come to an end.
Speed and Chains – The more you backflip successfully, the faster you can move, building a force field (temporary), which will enable you to smash the rocks that act as obstacles in your way. With more speed, you can also jump successfully over chasms or escape lemurs. Some other tricks that you learn along the way include balloon bouncing, wall-riding, wing suiting, and grinding, among others. If you perform tricks in a long chain without making contact with the ground, you will be able to increase your score.
Scarf and Flying – With more tricks performed, Alto’s scarf will get longer, Upon unlocking the ‘wingsuit’, you will be able to power up this ‘wingsuit’ by performing more tricks till such time the scarf turns white in color. After this happens, you will be able to fly.
Here are the different characters you will find in this relaxing game:
Alto – This is the game’s default character, whose performance level is average.
Maya – This character is unlocked at the 11th Level. She can perform backflips at a speedy rate.
Paz – This character unlocks at the 21st level. He is mostly slow and his flips are slow as well.
Izel – You can unlock this character at the 31st level. He is very fast but his backflips are not as fast as Maya’s.
Felipe – This character can be unlocked at the 41st level. He is good at escaping lemurs and jumping over chasms. He is good at double-jumps.
Sumara - This character unlocks at the 51st level. She is quick to perform a backflip like Maya and can perform double jumps like Felipe. Lemurs don’t tend to bother Sumara.
The currency used in this game is the ‘coins’ that the characters collect while sandboarding along the landscape. These ‘coins’ are used for purchasing different items from ‘Izel’s Workshop’. Since the game features in-app purchases, you can use real money to make purchases from the workshop to upgrade your characters. The items available at ‘Izel’s Workshop’ include:
Lotus Timer
Magnet Timer
Chasm Rescue
Mysterious Radio
Wingsuit Timer
Signal Amplifier
Generally, the obstacles that you come across in this game include ‘Lemurs’, ‘Vines’, and ‘Balloons’. You have the advantage of replaying the 3 tutorials including Wing Suit, Main, and Sandboard, by visiting the menu. The ‘Zen Mode’ is apt for those looking to simply sandboard without having to worry about scoring or dying in the game. Have you already played Alto’s Odyssey? Then please contribute your experience in the lines below.

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