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Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2


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    November 19, 2021
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    Google Play
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    Android 6.0+
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    ustwo games
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Monument Valley 2 is a simple and beautiful puzzle game where you try to help a mother and her daughter create buildings and monuments in a magical world.
Monument Valley 2 is a beautiful and peaceful game about a mother and daughter trying to rebuild their world. The background music is soft and plays into the movement of the architecture. First, you have a lady sitting on the ledge, singing as the world widens into columns and gears. Turn the gear to rotate the floor into place, allowing the lady to stand up and walk up the stairs. This is your tutorial for the game.
The world starts off devoid of backgrounds, only falling snow in a gray area. Once the lady moves up the stairs, you can see where you are in Monument Valley 2. She is looking at a beautiful scenery of the sun rising amongst the mountains as the game’s logo appears. After that, the journey markers appear and you learn that the lady’s name is Ro.
You do not need money In Monument Valley 2, and there are no stores that sell hints and boosters. When you are in the puzzle, tap on the circle at the top left corner to access the settings. You can switch the audio on or off, but the game is best played with the music as it acts like a hint when you are on the right track. You can also reset your progress to replay the level you like, or if you are stuck. When you tap on the circle, tap on the camera in the center to take a screenshot to show off the beautiful puzzle. You can also exit the puzzle games via the door exit icon on the right.
As you move along the puzzle, it is telling you a story. Monument Valley 2 is a story about a mother’s internal struggles and how a mother has to learn how to trust their child. In the story, the Ro’s child goes from following her around to helping solve the puzzles for them to move up a level. Throughout the game, there are also parts of the game that explore Ro’s past, particularly gray puzzles. There are no spoken words in the game, as the mother and daughter do not speak. Words appear in the game as a narrative to help you understand the story, but it does not affect the puzzle game play.
The 3 most common tools in Monument Valley 2 are the cranks, platforms, and pressure plates. The handles of the spinning crank will pop in and out of action as needed, and you tap and hold the spinning handles and drag them to rotate the pathways to match corridors. Moving platforms have 3 circular windows that look different from the rest of the structures. You can try to drag the platforms up, down, right or left. The platforms are usually up/ down or right/ left. It can also transport Ro and her child like a ferry or elevator. Step on the pressure plates to activate different things in the puzzle, and they are usually an obvious color, like orange or pink.


How To Play

Monument Valley 2 is a beautiful puzzle game that uses optical illusions. Tap on a spot and Ro will race there with or without her child. Not every path is linear, as Ro can move from different angles. If you are struggling to see past the illusion, you can rotate the phone to get a better view. There is only one pathway per puzzle, so you can tap various spots to see if Ro or her daughter will move.
In most puzzles, Ro has to go through the doorway with her daughter. If her daughter is stuck somewhere, Ro will wave or look toward her child. When that happens, you have to find a way to unite the pair before they can exit the puzzle together. Ro’s daughter will move in the same direction as her mother, even when they are separated. When you establish a pathway, tap on the daughter so Ro can run towards her child, then move towards the doorway.
When you enter a place, a door will close, stopping you from going back to the last level. You can move anywhere else in the puzzle, but you have to solve the puzzle so you can leave. If you are stuck, listen carefully to the music. When you tap on the path, there is a clear sound before Ro moves. When you solve a puzzle, you may hear a similar tinkle to signal that you are on the right track.
Work through the various puzzles as you learn about the story of Monument Valley 2 to figure out what had happened to the world. The puzzles can trick your logical mind, but you can rotate the platforms slowly so you can see if there is a path forward. Keep an open mind, as the path is not always the top one. Ro can also walk on the “sides”, so when you rotate your phone to make Ro stand on the top path, you will see an alternative path before you.
When you are moving platforms and rotating handles, remember that the game works on optical illusion. The beautiful geometric pattern can match with different sides to create a hidden way for Ro to access. Pay attention to how the structure rotates, and Ro can also rotate along with the structure. The main thing is to move slowly by dragging and stopping angle by angle. When using the flexibility of shifting your phone so your eyes can adjust to a new viewpoint.
Since there is no time limit or hints, you will eventually solve the puzzle. You may need to take a break so you can return with fresh eyes. Monument Valley 2 teaches about the beauty and complexity of geometric patterns, and how different angles can affect how you see things. If you like the game, share in the comment area below so that more people can like the game.

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