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True Skate


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    December 15, 2021
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    Google Play
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    Android 4.1+
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    True Axis
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If you have a passion for skateboarding True Skate is a game with amazing controls and excellent 3D graphics. It offers tons of entertainment as you try your way for landing an impeccable trick. The developers, True Axis has attempted to make the game a realistic manifestation of skateboarding on the iOS platform. While the game doesn’t accomplish this by a traditional means, it comes with quite a unique way of moving the skateboard around.
Rather than tilting the device or employing the virtual controller, the gamer has to use the fingers in such a way as if using a small fingerboard. The player’s fingers function as small legs and you have to perform the moves the same way as you would have to do when riding a real skateboard. The only difference is that you have to play around using your fingers.
The description of True Skate shows that it is a universal application and requires iOS 4.3 or even higher. The game will work fine on iPad, iPod Touch, and of course iPhone. Moreover, it has also been optimized for iPhone 5. The game is endowed with a single skating park and comes with extra content which can be purchased through the app only.
The best features of True Skate
As is already mentioned, True Skate has some astounding graphics and the sight is lovely to behold. The obstacles are realistically designed, with numerous light sources and truly natural-looking shadows. And the best part is that you get everything at a high frame rate. The sounds are fascinating with distinct sounds for each kick to move faster on the pavement. You also get to hear the distinguished high-pitched noise while gliding down the metal rail.
You will not find any buttons in the game’s control system. The description tells you to swipe next to the skateboard for kicking the speed up followed by touching and dragging to any side when you want to turn the board. There are umpteen names of tricks that can be performed and you will see them as we proceed to find out how to play the game. Some of the most exciting features of the game include:
Realistic touch-based gaming controls
Lifelike parks with suitable chairs, ledges, half pipes, and also quarter pipes
No complicated controls for a seamless gaming experience
Physics engine and strong controls
Global leader board
Amazing slow-motion features
Replay mode for seeing the tricks and stunts performed before


How To Play

True Skate is lifelike gameplay of skateboarding that’s designed and crafted in such a way that you will not feel that you are playing the game on any device. But when it comes to gratifying your thirst for thrill and adventure, it’s important to find out how to play this fantastic game.
In the first place, you will notice that there is no button present in the game. Therefore, you will have to swipe next for pacing up and then touch and drag to one side for turning the skateboard. Tricks can be performed by flicking at various parts of the skateboard on the basis of the trick you want to do.
For instance, flicking off the back of the skateboard lets you do an ollie which means launching the board in the open air. On the other hand, flicking off the front creates space for nollie which is similar to the previous movement with the difference of utilizing the front part for leaping.
When you are in mid-air on your skateboard, the board can be flicked if you wish to perform flip tricks and then touch it at the perfect juncture to end the rotation and land back to the ground. There are several tricks that you can perform when wondering how to play True Skate.
There are hordes of spots for tricks – you will find a large bowl, loads of rails, and also half pipes. As you start exploring the game, you may skate around and perform different tricks or even start from any nearby starting point. The default settings will want you to start fresh after you have crashed. And there’s a reset button at the screen top for positioning yourself at any starting point.
The only issue with this game is that there is a limited mission system with challenges for completing particular tricks in getting high scores within a stipulated span of time. Some users have found setting the session point to be more challenging than it should be as you have to dig down three screens for choosing one.
The crux of the difficulty of the game is brought by the skillful application of physics. It is a lot more dynamic and realistic as compared to other skateboarding games available online. Every aspect plays a critical role here including the speed at which you play the game, the pace at which you flicker the controls, your angle of approach to the ramps and rails. Sometimes you will be able to glide on your skateboard and at times, you will be just frustrated. You got to prune your skills to better prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges in True Skate.
Besides the reset buttons, there are also a few dedicated buttons on the top for putting a stop to the action, altering the camera settings, and also a rewind button. The rewind button allows you to go back in time with which you can move back to the previous spot. But it also creates an annoyance by being the only way of viewing a trick once it is completed.
To sum up, it can be said that True Skate is one of the most realistic skateboarding games that you will come across in the Apple App Store. And you can enjoy the game with a bit of practice. With an excellent range of graphics, astounding swipe controls, and a way to individually set session starting points, True Skate is a wonderful way to engage yourself in some fun and exciting online activity. So what are you waiting for? Keep skateboarding and bid adieu to mundane boredom!

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