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Flick Home Run!

Flick Home Run!

Flick Home Run!


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    June 14, 2016
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    Google Play
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    Android 2.3+
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Developed by Infinity Pocket, Flick Home Run! Is s popular baseball game available on Android, Windows, and iOS platforms. It comes in both paid and free versions and the game was well-received by game fanatics and critics as well. The free version presents two gaming modes and you can access five modes in the paid version for only $0.99.
The primary appeal of Flick Home Run! Is that it is not entirely a baseball game. This indicates that you will enjoy it even if you are not a huge baseball fan. It’s rather a casual mobile game in which the ball will be pitched to you and your job is to strike it out of the baseball park. Now you would feel that it seems exactly as it happens in a baseball game. But the real difference is that there is no need for base fielding or running or other such boring moves.
While playing the game, you just have to put your finger on the left side of the screen to pitch the ball. Then you have to slide the ball in such a way that it hits the homer. You will earn points for each foot your ball goes along with bonus points when the ball strikes balloons. Rather than a stipulated amount of pitches, there is a life bar getting reduced with every pitch. The life bar gets replenished depending on the distance covered by each ball. When you swing and miss, you will end up losing extra help.
Each variety of pitch is symbolized by a cute graphic face. And there’s an element of surprise as well. You will never know which variant of pitch is coming your way before it crosses a specific zone on your screen. And if you hit the ball mistakenly before it crosses the line, you will be out automatically and you will lose health as well. You may also utilize a power-up for sneaking into the kind of pitch you will face. You will face specialized multiplier balls randomly which can boost the value of your swing two to three times.
According to some users, the description of the free version shows that the content is a little weak although it packs a lot of fun and excitement. You will find two play modes called Bunt Master and Total Balls. While Bunt Master is mostly a precision-based game, Total Balls is devised on assessing the distance of how far the ball goes.
On the contrary, the paid version of the game has a lot to offer with a variety of gaming modes, scorekeeping, leveling, and a lot more. It’s a great game to spend your leisure in flying your basketball and experience this wonderful batting simulation.


How To Play

Flick Home Run! is camped as the 2nd most popular paid app on the American store for some time. In place of displaying traditional players that you see in regular games. The focus is rather on smacking the home runs. It would have any weird virtual bat floating on your screen since your finger functions as the bat while your swipe would be a swing. You have to flick your finger to see the ball and time it the right way for smacking as much as possible. Here are the best ways to play Flick Home Run!
Flick your finger: The fundamentals of the game are similar to real baseball batting and you have to flick your finger for making a homerun via the physical pendulum. You will experience several throws depending on the pendulum. Your ball will fly higher when you hit it directly with a fast flick.
Control your batting: You have to use flick for controlling the batting for the game. You have to be as precise as possible in order to be a home run fitter. It’s absolutely easy. All you have to do is to flick your finger the same way you do with a bat in real life. The only difference is that your finger is the bat here and you have to flick it with pace and precision.
Manage the throws: To bring life-like feelings into the game, the developers have issued several kinds of throws. With an array of pitches, you can see hordes of movements. This way it becomes challenging to keep up with the timing and the throw can be quite hard to hit.
Keep an eye on the ball: Next, you have to make a full swing with a fast speed. Make sure that you hit the ball following numerous thrown patterns. Keep your eye on the ball while trying to predict any change in pattern.
To add an element of surprise, there are twelve varieties of balls. But you won’t be able to understand which ball is coming your way. It may be a regular baseball, a fast drop or a fastball, or even a notorious curving S-ball. You will even find ninja balls and some very heavy balls which you cannot hit very far. You will earn points based on the distance and hitting stars and balloons. Now, this part is entirely dependent on the luck factor rather than the gamer's skills.
The five modes of gaming are minor, major, Moonstar, multiplayer, and practice mode. Each of these modes has its distinct Game Center leaderboard. In the practice board, you can select the ball you wish to receive and keep a record of all the successful hits. In the minor challenge mode, you can complete 15 separate steps or objectives in that very game.
When you are thinking about how to play, the major mode is unlocked by completing the minor mode but both of them have the same setting although it has hard difficulty and some new balls also. The major mode is almost the same as the minor mode; the only difference is the level of difficulty.
So what are you waiting for? Play Flick Home Run today! today and enjoy the perks of a brilliantly executed game developed by Infinity Pocket.

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