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Pokemon Cafe ReMix

Pokemon Cafe ReMix

Pokemon Cafe ReMix


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  • Updated Time:
    February 4, 2022
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    Google Play
  • Requirements:
    Android 6.0+
  • Developer:
    The Pokemon Company
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Do you like Pokemons? If yes then this post is going to be for you as here you'll know how Pokemons can be watched or can be played with in a very different and unique gameplay. Yes, here you imagined it right that this post is going to be about the game " Pokemon Cafe Remix " . So let's get started to know about it in depth as follows:
Pokemon Cafe isn't like other Pokemon games where you train them to fight or build a Pokemon army , this game is something very different from those. Here you have to open a cafe where everyone will be Pokemons, be it the cafe staff or the customers themselves. To play the game you have to serve the customers that come to your cafe with drinks and food items and to prepare them you will have to solve different puzzles and gimmicks with the help of your Pokemon staff.
There are many pokemon in this game that will assist you as a staff. Each Pokemon has a unique specialty that you can take advantage of while solving the puzzles.
There are no limits on Pokemon. You can add as many pokemon as you can to your staff. Yes, it's very true, just go outside to wander and enjoy the beautiful places in the game and try to make good Pokemon friends and then later convince them to join and help you in your cooking work by joining as a staff member. Isn't it adventurous? Yes, it is very because while roaming or wandering to different places you can take pictures there and also enjoy the beautiful views of those places.
Before you go on to read about the game in more detail let's have a look into the features of this amazing game. The features of Pokemon Cafe are as follows:
Extremely safe for small kids as it doesn't contain or promote any exploitative matter
Free to play with many amazing in-app purchases
Different gameplay with Pokemons
Easily accessible
Can be played anytime and anywhere without worrying about its connectivity to different devices
You must know this fact that you'll not be a cafe owner right from the beginning of this game. You have to level up not only yourself but also your Pokemon friends to become a good cook and then you can start your cafe and become an owner there with a good number of member staff.
You'll be assigned many unique dresses so that you can give them to your staff and make them look like professional cafe workers. Don't worry about the dresses getting stung or dirty because after every level you cross the dresses will be changed with some upgrades. These dresses are not any normal ones, each dress has some uniqueness and specialty that anyone who wears it will get.
So this was all that was important for you to know about this game and now let's proceed to have some knowledge on "How To Play It" with the upcoming section which is as follows:


How To Play

Pokemon Cafe Remix has simple gameplay which is very exciting. There are just four stages in it with which you can play this game very easily. So what those stages, let's discuss them in detail as follows:
Stage 1
As you know and read above that you will not be the owner right from the beginning therefore you have to first make Pokemon friends who can become your staff later. So, to make Pokemon friends you should wander at different places in the game and show your friendly nature by talking to everyone you meet there. Remember that everyone here doesn't mean humans as there is everything regarding Pokemons in this game and thus the characters are also going to be different Pokemons only. So go and talk to them and make them your friends.
Stage 2
After making friends it's time to convince them to be your staff member and tell them that you are planning to open a self-cafe where you'll be the owner. Talk to them politely and join them in your team to open your dream Pokemon Cafe. If they get convinced then go and open your "Pokemon Cafe" but before that don't forget to assign dresses to your staff. Call them and assign them the dresses so that they can feel like professional cafe workers.
Stage 3
So, if you have opened your cafe and provided your staff with their dresses then now it's the turn to welcome your customers to your newly launched cafe. Welcome them with your best possible way to impress them and then take their order by asking what they would like to have in your cafe. Once you get the order try to complete it fast and serve it to your customers as soon as possible as these little things will give you some additional points with which you can buy different game tools later.
Stage 4
This you might understand as the last stage of the level where you have to join and mix different icons to solve the puzzles provided to you when you go to prepare the order given by your customers. These puzzles are quite easy in the beginning levels but later might become a little tough but don't be worried as by then you'll become the master of this game. So, ask for help from your Pokemon staff to solve the puzzle and unlock the food items to serve the customers and earn some points from them.
So, this was all about the simple yet interesting gameplay of Pokemon Cafe which you can play on your Android devices and tablet also for free. After reading everything about it now you are all free to play and enjoy this game but also don't forget to visit this page again to share your game experience in the given comments section below and also how much this post helped you in playing!

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