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Island King

Island King


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    February 11, 2022
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    Google Play
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    Android 4.4+
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The Island King is an exciting game with a unique storyline and easy gameplay. Yes, you have guessed right. The game will have many islands, but you will create them using your coins. You will play this game as a little girl having a great time with her dad and friends Snowbo and Hammy. The girl luna is in a forest with her father and friends. However, one day something unexpected happened, and a dragon came and took her father. They became alone in the unknown forest and started the adventure to find her dad. You are Luna in the game, and you will have to navigate the journey and find ways to rescue your father from the dragon. But the dragon is in a cave in the middle of the ocean, and you can access it only after passing islands. You will face many challenges while navigating through the islands.
The Island King is super exciting and challenging, designed by HK Forever9 Technology. You will find the storyline and gameplay simple, and you can enjoy it in your free time. You do not need any expertise to play this game. But you can develop your winning strategies when heading towards an unknown and dangerous journey. Once you start crossing islands, you might find the levels more challenging. The action-packed game will surprise you with many interesting puzzles and discoveries. You will feel like you are in a real-life scenario where you have to find your father. But you might find the game fascinating and love to explore more. Explore this exciting game, face all the challenges, and reach your destination. Here your destination is Luna's father, but the most difficult challenge is the dragon and ocean, which is not easy to access for little luna.
You will love the storyline of this game and feel motivated to help the little girl find her father. The girl is sad after losing her father, but she is bright and wants to get her father back and face all the challenges that will come her way. Now you are Luna, who wants to move across the ocean and find her father. You can spin and earn coins to create islands and make a path to reach that ocean. You have to spin more and more to make your journey less challenging. You will need more coins to create islands and a safe path for you and your lost father. Keep exploring and focus on your objective. Every Island will inspire you to try harder and make more effort to reach your destination.
When playing Island King, your objective is to create Islands and protect them. You will need more coins for both these purposes. Earn coins and use them wisely whenever you feel necessary. These coins will support you throughout the game to find ways and make the struggle less challenging. Also, you will compete with others in this game, and they can steal your coins to make your journey more complex. Yes, you will have to be careful when progressing further.


How To Play

You will have to collect coins when playing Island king. Coins will decide whether your journey will be more challenging or not. While playing this game, you can explore, raid, attract, win, and rescue your father. Once you have coins, you can spend them as fast as possible to create your island. Any delay might cause problems for you. Yes, other players might steal your gold coins and use them for their benefit. Hence, ensure that you are using all the game coins in the best way to support your journey. Besides, you can keep your shield active to attack if others come your way and try to steal your coin. You can prepare yourself for all the adverse conditions.
You can get a shield from the wheel to protect yourself from some hits. It can help you when you have a lot of coins. You can use your active game shield to attack other players when they steal your gold coins. Some players will attack you during navigation, and you cannot defeat them without a game shield. They will steal your gold coins and damage your structure. Some damages will be severe and might not allow you to return to your game and dominate it. Hence, plan intelligently and ensure you have done your preparation to create your path and protect your islands.
Besides, try to spend all the possible coins when you do not want to play for a while. You can use all if you follow this strategy. Otherwise, other players might steal your gold coins, and you will lose all of them and keep trying again to create an island to rescue Luna's father. You can also get rewards from the King Pass. You can get king runes when you attack, steal, or help other players. You can use game rewards to upgrade your king pass and get more benefits. You can attack other players to get extra coins. Yes, all your competitors will try to build islands and rescue Luna's dad. You can attack their islands to get more game coins. You can also steal their coins to have more game coins for your adventure. Many appreciate this feature of the Island King, but you have to choose the multiplayer mode if you want to raid the islands of others. Here are a few steps to play a winning game.
Step One: Collect More Coins
When Playing Island King, you have to focus on coins. You can collect more coins since coins will support your adventure and enable you to rescue Luna's dad.
Step Two: Have an Active Shield
An active shield can protect your coins from your friends and other players. Make sure you have this protection cover when you have a lot of gold coins.
Step Three: Use All the Possible Coins
You can use all the possible coins to create islands and protect them. Otherwise, your friends will steal your gold coins and dominate the game.
Play Island King to explore a different adventure and share your experience with beginners.

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